Participants were asked, "What would you tell people about your experience with Judy?"


"A gentle and strong practice. I always leave feeling transcended."   -Sandra, gym group fitness class

"5 stars! Judy knows the body and has the unique ability to reveal your own body to you. It's an incredible experience and regular sessions have left me feeling more connected to my body in daily life."   -Ben R., private sessions

"Judy has been my yoga teacher for just over a year now. Private yoga sessions are one of the most luxuriously wonderful things in the world. My yoga practice (and my life!) has grown by leaps and bounds under her guidance. If you haven't done anything nice for yourself lately (and even if you have), you should schedule some time with this amazing woman."   -Rachel J., private sessions

"Very professional and well run, was particularly impressed by the pre workshop info and instructions!!! Judy is an excellent instructor, patient and detail oriented, but in terms understandable to the experienced and beginner yogi. She shows a care and concern for her students that is admirable. I have no hesitation in signing up for the next workshop!!" Andrew, workshop participant

"Judy is The Body Whisperer! Absolutely amazing how she finds areas of the body that are asking for more attention. She is talking to my body and I can't believe the way it talks back! She discovered an old spinal injury that doctors and physical therapists have overlooked for years. I was plagued with this back pain for what seemed like forever, not knowing why. Until Judy literally described the impact exactly, she knew how and in what direction I was moving when it happened. Suddenly I remembered the injury from my youth. We continue to work with bringing balance into my posturing. We've only had 4 sessions, but I'm a believer in Judy!"   -Sabrina M., private sessions

"I felt like I was buzzing after our first session, immediately lighter and more balanced on my feet. The stretching and posture suggestions she made have been helping a lot."-Joe D., private sessions

"I am not a coordinated person. I can't do Zumba and feel lost in most yoga classes. Judy describes alignment precisely, exactly what to move and how. Even if you've never done yoga, you will easily be able to follow her directions. She is extremely knowledgeable about the body and gives great feedback and suggestions for at-home practice when I've stayed after class to ask questions. She is kind-hearted and you can tell she truly cares about helping!"   -Brittany, gym group fitness class