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Established March 2013


ReJuvenate your life... Feel your Best & Thrive! What's stopping you?

With a background in movement education, my work emphasizes supportive posture, training body awareness, and alignment principles. My diverse energy studies allow me to guide you through an exploration of how to identify and maintain good flow of energy in the body for more longevity in daily life. 

Tired of feeling tired? Stiffness and tension? Or negative and self-doubt? It's all about where and how you hold energy! Forget the ego stories and excuses, let's get into the body movement and energy mechanics tools to feel your best!

My offerings include:

  • Yoga Movement Therapy (Private or Group)- explore supportive postures, alignment, gait training, breathing techniques, body awareness, and more.
  • Bodywork- my unique bodywork technique combines Usui Reiki, Acupressure, homeopathic spinal alignment, massage, anterior neck soft tissue release, and intuitive communication with the body's energy. 
    • Private Sessions Packages- continued support through both above services
  • Eating for Life- nutrition enhancing cooking demonstrations, hydration and medical grade cookware appliances are available upon request. 

All sessions are available by appointment. We are a mobile business in Sonoma County and now serving the east bay area.

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